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Secondary programs

Thalgarrah has a number of day programs that have been designed to add fieldwork experiences to the work being completed in secondary classrooms.

Stage 4 - Geographical tools

To introduce students to the tools used in geographical fieldwork we have designed a study where students meeasure parameters to see if the environment is suitable habitat for a number of specific animal species. Fieldwork includes transects, plant identification, measuring tree height, mapping, field sketching and a series of water tests.

Yr 11 Biology - Module 4: Ecosystem dynamics

Students, just like scientists, learn by doing. The activities in this excursion package have a strong focus on the new syllabus skills for working scientifically and investigate the key inquiry question: What effect can one species have on the other species in a community?

Pre-visit information and activities look at questioning & predicting as well as planning investigations.

At Thalgarrah, skills in conducting investigations are covered.

Students will investigate the woodland ecosystem collecting qualitative and quantitative data about various species within the woodland. Students compare two different sites, measuring invertebrate diversity. Large random quadrats are set up to collect information about the various eucalypt species in the woodland. 

After the trip to Thalgarrah, resources are available to assist students in processing and analysing data and information, problem solving and communicating.